Broad Was Right

Poor Stuart Broad, the England batsman and seam bowler, having to apologise for tweeting that if you earned the minimum wage in England you were in the world’s top 10% of earners – but he’s correct.

Harangued by his Twitter followers and the thought police for daring, as a sports millionaire, to comment on such matters, he had to eat humble pie and claim that he was merely seeking to “emphasise how big the world is”.

Reported in all major newspapers, no one seemed to check his information. Or perhaps they were merely afraid to repeat it in case they were also inundated by Guardianista hate mail.  As it happens, he was spot on. According to a World Bank policy paper published last year you needed to be making $15,000 a year in 2005 ($18,000 at today’s rates or £12,000) to be in the top 10% of earners. The minimum wage in the UK is £12,168. But never let the truth get in the way of the ‘right-on’ fascists. If it doesn’t fit the narrative of the vast gulf between rich and poor it must be rubbish.