Fame at Last

Marvellous news Sportsfans. Fame at last, as they say. We could go viral at any moment…and you were with me from the beginning. Respect. We were contacted yesterday by Channel 4 news, that well-known liberal-left news outlet fronted by John (don’t bogart that joint) Snow. Could I tell them, they asked, who was running my site and another one called Pestminster. “People are wondering,” they claimed.

Fantastic! And there was I thinking no one’s really reading my stuff. But why do you ask, says I, coming over all flummoxed-like. It appears my blog has been set up by the same company that set up another political blog and Channel 4 are” suspicious”, that they are in fact related. “ I’m suspicious why you would contract a design firm to make a blog. Though the cartoons are terrific,” says Channel 4. I’m purring slightly now. “I’m willing to respect your anonymity. So my only question is – if you’re not running the site, who is?” I told the lad I commissioned my own blog and write it. Why wouldn’t I? I’m not being run by anyone but am grateful for any publicity he can give me. He assured me I would remain anonymous since, as I explained, it gives me greater liberty to write what I want (we’ll see if he keeps his word). Apparently Channel 4’s interests were aroused by a piece in this week’s Spectator along similar lines. Odd bedfellows, the Speccie and Channel 4, but they’re both convinced there’s a conspiracy of Tories here. They simply cannot believe that more than one blogger would feel passionate enough to support the Conservative Party. Odd that, but with a bit of luck more papers will take up the theme and yours truly will become a by-word in salons throughout. Trouble is I might have to up the output and frankly, I’m a bit lazy there.