Germans were not Nazis and Labour is good for Britain!

I notice today’s Times has a piece by its Berlin correspondent telling us that the Germans are beginning to see themselves as “victims” of the Nazis, just as we were, six million Jews were, the gypsies were, the communists were and the physically impaired were. “For the first time a younger generation of historians is examining reprisals (oh dear, naughty us!) committed by the Allies, the epidemic of German suicides and the displacement of 14 million Germans that accompanied the Nazi defeat”, The Times correspondent wrote.

Now, you’re thinking, “What on earth has this to do with our election?”

Well, as I sat there reading and re-reading this story, trying to make sense of the intricate double thinking, the 180 spin, the sheer audacity of it all, it occurred to me that if the Germans can do this to history with a straight face (and it must be said it’s been coming for a few years), no wonder Miliband can tell a few porkies about the state of the economy, the NHS and the glorious future sunrise that we would all be marching towards in a few days’ time if Labour got in – and have some of the British public believe him.

For months now I have been puzzling, nay perplexed, over how Miliband has been able to pull the wool over people’s eyes, how he has been able to turn the economic success story that the Conservatives have created for Britain into the low wage, NHS disaster of Labour’s Kremlin-speak. How has he been able to convince people that the economic miracle of today’s Britain with nigh full employment and zero inflation that is the envy of every industrialized country in the world, including and above all the US and fellow EU countries, is actually an economic basket case living on borrowed time?

And so it came to me, as I read this piece in The Times headlined “Germans no longer view the war as a defeat”. I realized that if the Germans can really believe this – that they were just victims like the rest of us of the Nazis, who were apparently not German at all but some form of alien, stateless transmogrification of human beings – if they can really believe that, well then what Miliband has achieved is actually peanuts. If the Germans can lie to themselves about such momentous and meticulously documented historical events, then Labour supporters can easily suspend rational analysis of the current economic situation in Britain and believe that Ed Miliband really could make things better. I get it now. It makes no sense to me, none whatsoever. But I understand that people can quite easily be made to believe lies if they are given enough time and repetition. If Germans can believe that their parents and grandparents were the victims of Nazis and not actually responsible for the industrial slaughter of millions and millions of innocent people in the ovens of their death camps, why shouldn’t a silly little man with pretensions to become Prime Minister of Britain be able to convince millions of people who want to believe him that his naive policies can actually benefit them while the policies that have already proved to benefit them have been an illusion.  Simples, Ask the Germans.