Greece discovers it actually has to pay for its supper. Shock horror!

Staggering anti-German spin on the Greek bailout agreement. They lied about their original entry conditions, they subsequently utterly failed to keep to the conditions that every other euro-using county in the EU had to abide by, they failed to reform their taxation system, they defaulted year after year on their payments, their civil servants run on an outmoded, unworkable nepotistic system where it’s who you know and whose palm you grease if you want promotion rather than a meritocracy like ours. On an it goes…And now, because it’s easy to blame the Germans, they have somehow managed to portray themselves as victims. Completely outrageous. They could still have simply left the Euro and gone back to the Drachma. Overnight their tourist industry would have blossomed as the world piled into Greece for cheap and safe holidays in the sun. But no, they preferred to stay in and continue to milk the euro cow. If Britain was funding Greece to extent that Germany has been doing we would be cheering. What on earth is going on? If you can’t stand the heat of the European financial strictures, get out of the bloody kitchen.  Most of the rest of us are just about holding it all together and the fact is, had we elected a Labour government we would, in five years time of financial mismanagement, have been in exactly the same position that Greece is in now. And who were their greatest champions? The countries – above all France – whose own economies are close to bankruptcy. France is more than 95 billion euros in debt – 95 BILLION – and will itself one day face the prospect of defaulting.  No bloody wonder the left-wing ideologue Hollande was arguing the Greek cause.  As always, his apparent caring wittering on Greece’s behalf had nothing to do with giving a damn about the Greeks.  it was entirely to do with France’s own position as the largest country in the EU with its face permanently in the hand-out trough. Both France and Greece have an utterly corrupt, complacent civil service whose successive governments have shied away from the sort of reforms Margaret Thatcher instigated in Britain. In order to duck the possibility of the resulting unpopularity they have caved in to the unions and the result is slow-burn disaster. And Harperson had the nerve, the nerve to suggest that Osborne’s most recent budget was pandering to populism and his possible election as the next Conservative leader. That from a party whose policies are founded on a bedrock of irresponsible populism, dedicated to destroying the economic solvency of this country. The British Labour party, together with the governments that run Greece and France are a collection of irresponsible, naive, cynical exploiters of the so-called working classes they aspire to represent. Like over-indulgent parents, they run countries with a single aim – to be popular. They do not give a flying f—k that they create an irresponsible, undisciplined core of supporters who believe they are owed a living by those that are richer than they are. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country? J. F. Kennedy, a Democrat, said it, but it takes an American meritocratic system to understand those sentiments without throwing a hissy fit. Good for Germany, good for Wolfgang Schaeuble. They had the drive to say enough is enough. This may be a “humiliation” for Tsipras  but it is a humiliation entirely of his own making and nothing to do with anyone else. If you ask to sit at the High Table, don’t bloody complain if the bill’s too expensive and claim you thought someone else is picking up the tab. Go eat at KFC.