Hypocrisy of the two most racist countries in Europe lecturing us on immigration.

Of all countries in the world to lecture us on immigration, Germany is the absolute last to have any rights in this department. The hypocrisy is mind numbing. Never mind the culling of foreigners, Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and the rest that took place just 70 years ago. Germany has built its post war Wirtschaftswunder on the backs of tens of thousands Turkish Gastarbeiter to whom they refused to give citizenship despite decades working in Germany and to whose children they even refused citizenship.  “Wir sind Kein immigrationsland” (“We are not a land for immigration”) Chancellor Kohl announced during the last wave of immigration during the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. A law permitting immigration actually had to be passed as recently as 2004 in the wake of German reunification. And of course they are joined by France in the clarion calls for every EU member to shoulder the burden of immigration. And why? Is it pure coincidence that both countries were at the forefront of anti-semitism during the war.  The gestapo didn’t even have to help round up Jews in France. French poiice were only too willing to do it for them. Both nations remain. like the rest of central Europe, at the heart of racism and anti-semitism. The Gestapo could leave the rounding up to the police in both Hungary and Czechoslovakia. And now they are lecturing us on immigration! For hundreds of years Britain has welcomed immigrants. We built our empire with them. Seven in 10 men who served as ratings in Nelson’s navy were foreigners.  On one of the plinths in Trafalgar Square the face of negro (as they were known at the time) shares battle honours with a range of other people with assorted racial characteristics. So Germany has no right, no right whatsoever to lecture anyone on their need to take in more immigrants. Throughout its history it has rejected foreigners, the poor, the weak and even, at one point, the non-aryan for the sake of preserving the purity of their wretched, tainted blood. What a culture from which to take lectures on immigration! France and Germany may have to atone for their  appalling racist histories, as indeed they do, but let it stop at that. Please don’t lecture Britain, of all countries, on how many immigrants it needs to allow in.  We’ve been accepting immigrants for the last 600 years and more. Do your research on Agincourt and you will find an equal disproportion of immigrants in Henry’s army. For god’s sake, someone in authority in this country needs the guts to tell the Germans to shut up.