Labour Scores!

“Better Plan for a Better Future” – catchy, right? Well, maybe, but as far as Labour (who claim the slogan) is concerned it’s a beautifully centred own goal. Where have you seen it before? Yup, something almost identical is headlining the Conservative Party website and Top 10 Tory slogans for over a year. And to save you the trouble of looking it up: “Together, we’ll secure a better future for you, your family and everyone in Britain” – Vote Conservative. After dropping it’s “NHS carve up” mantra, in the wake of the King’s Fund Report that made clear there was never going to be such a thing, and discovering that its education tuition fees cuts had backfired, Labour’s sharpest minds have come up with a Tory party slogan to take them to the election. You couldn’t make it up – and they didn’t. “Oh, I’ve had this brilliant idea,” someone cried at strategy planning 132a. “Let’s take the Tory idea for a “Long term economic plan” and stick it on our logo. That way people might think we’re them and vote for us. We’ve tried bashing them, now let’s copy them and do what we’re best at – confusing  the punters.”  “But, what about imitation being the  sincerest…” Then there’s the semantics. The grammar of the whole thing, if you will. Do Labour mean they are offering a better plan (than the Tories) for a better future (in which case you’d better vote Tory since they thought of this long before us) or do they mean – “You’d better plan if you want a better future”- or else? Or else, what? Rather begs the issue of what they want you to do in terms of voting. Hardly a slogan to convince anyone to change their minds. People will merely go on planning for a better future with whomsoever they were planning to have a better future with in the first place – and guess who that was?