Labour Supports Mass Immigration

So now we have it. It’s official. Yet again Labour’s brazen hypocrisy over immigration is cruelly confirmed. During Tony’s Blair’s period in office immigration ballooned to 3.6 million people over 13 years, according to Migration Watch UK, an independent and non-political organization. That’s the equivalent of the combined sizes of Britain’s five largest cities outside London – Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield and Bradford, the organisation said. The damning report says this surge was partly because of “incompetence” and partly a conspiracy by some in the party to make British society more multicultural. But almost more alarmingly this callous indifference to the concerns of the electorate was that it was also designed to advantage Labour at the polls because migrants from Asia and Africa are more inclined to vote Labour than for any other party.

The indifference to the legacy that the opening of the floodgates to immigration means for the UK is staggering in its irresponsibility. What plans did Labour have to increase the level of water extraction, the number of hospitals, schools and social services to meet such an immense demand on Britain’s services? Absolutely none that exceeded it’s run-of-the-mill plans for improvements. No wonder this country is creaking under the weight of five new major cities without the means to cater for the extra influx. No wonder our NHS is bursting at the seams. Meanwhile Labour’s cynically calculated population explosion is designed not merely to create an additional mass of underprivileged Labour voters, but by causing the service infrastructure to all but collapse it aimed to create further mass resentment among indigenous Labour voters over the failure – under the Conservatives – of the services it purposely overloaded. It relied on what it assumed would be the public’s naïve association of Labour being the sole trustworthy guardian of the NHS which it then brought to breaking point along with all the other service infrastructures of our daily lives. Together with Labour’s redrawing of the political boundaries to slew voting patterns in its favour, Labour has compromised severely the very foundations of democracy in the UK. It’s lust for power, now being seen again in virtually every single promise it makes to tax and spend, is part of its irresponsible, ruthless determination to gain power at any cost. Power for its own sake. One simply cannot find an atom of humour to extract from this sort of corruption. But let us take warning, already indicated by Labour’s newfound reticence to speak about immigration controls, – other than to criticise the Tories for failing to meet their declared quotas. Labour has abandoned any concrete plans to limit immigration; obviously intending to relax border controls once again to flood the UK with even more supposed Labour voters. Shame on them.