Left-wing Press Never Stops Whingeing

The UK press ran almost twice as many article on issues that were negative for Labour as were positive, according to an utterly pointless Loughborough University study published by the (who else?) Guardian. The study tells us that 682 articles focused on issues negative for Ed Miliband compared with 358 that were positive while the Conservatives had 614 that were positive for the party compared to 502 that were negative..Headline for Guardian piece: “Labour gets almost half as much positive press coverage as Tories”. What on earth are they trying to prove here. That Miliband’s unpopular brand of socialism got more criticism than Cameron’s free market capitalism? The voters showed us that Labour were less popular, why should this not have been reflected in the press? Much more significant would be have been for the study to have pointed out that the Tories got nearly as many negative comments as they did positive, thus achieving a near perfect balance that reflected the voting patterns of society at large. Once again, the left-wing press and university luvvies seek to tailor statistics they even created themselves to try to show themselves at a media disadvantage. My puzzlement is why Miliband even reached 358 articles that were positive in a thoroughly off-message campaign that managed to hit almost every single available false political note. Whinge, whinge whinge, we woz robbed, cry the Milipeed fan club. The electorate didn’t understand us. OMG, move on mate, the bus has left the depot and there won’t be another along for at least five years, thank God.