Miliband’s lust for Power

I despair, utterly, of pretty much all our so-called party leaders, apart, it must be said, from David Cameron whose statesman-like and dignified appearances have remained in keeping with the office he holds. As for the rest, their recent populist behavior, particularly that of the wretched Miliband who will do anything, it seems, to prostitute himself for a few more votes here or there, is a measure of spineless desperation. So disillusioned am I by their insincerity to any real political doctrine above the lust for power, that I wouldn’t mind tying the neck of the sack and chucking them in the canal with the kittens and the kitchen sink.

I’ve got to the point where I cannot even watch Miliband’s smarmy smile delivering yet another bare-faced lie about what the Conservatives are planning without raising my blood pressure to unacceptable levels. The day he callously courted the Muslim vote by announcing that he would recognize a Palestinian state if he gained power was, I thought, the final straw. I could not take any more. He clearly understands nothing about international politics, the importance of coordinated action by western powers or international diplomacy. By announcing his intention to tear up the rule book unilaterally on the highly delicate negotiations with Israel for the sake of pandering to a few domestic Muslim block votes and the usual ranting anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic rabble that parade up and down Kensington High street screaming abuse at the Israeli embassy and bringing traffic to a standstill in central London of a weekend was, for me, the low point in his lunge for power. Keeping company with the likes of George Galloway is the last thing you want from a pretender to the Premiership of Britain.

That having been said, it turned out that he has even more outrageous stage gestures up his sleeve (no surprise there i suppose). Yesterday’s Evening Standard showed him photographed emerging from Russell Brand’s home which he had, apparently, visited in order to gain himself some ‘street cred’ with the anarchist, disenchanted mob that attends the comedian’s occasional forays into political life. How Brand, the former heroin addict and egomaniac who will do anything for a headline, got a man who would be Prime Minister of this country to court him in his own home is staggering. Brand calls on his moronic followers to boycott the election and Miliband thinks these people are the sort he would like to vote for him. His moral and intellectual compass (if ever he had either) is clearly bust. This is a man, after all, who forgot to register the name of his first son’s birth for 16 months, didn’t marry his current wife until it was pointed out to him that it might be useful to do so if he wanted to win an election and shafted his own brother in his lunge for power. Why on earth should his visit to Brand be seen as anything but in keeping with his previous lack of standards? Sorry, my mistake.

His raft of promises, the latest of which was the lifting of Stamp Duty for homes under £300,000 in an effort to court the ‘youff’ vote, simply cannot be funded without major tax rises which Miliband refuses to talk about. He has got to the point where he will clearly promise anything and claim anything if he thinks it will get him votes.

Doubling council tax on second homes may be Clegg’s idea, but it won’t be long before Miliband locks onto that one like he did the Mansion tax. Clegg’s attempt to curry favour with Devon and Cornwall voters who blame second homes for raising the cost of their own house prices is a shoe-in for Labour. There is not a single country in the western world where second homes are regarded as the redoubt of the rich to be targeted with more and more taxes. Even the Russians at the height of their Communist dictatorship were allowed dachas in the countryside to visit at weekends. Even the socialist states of Scandinavia do not penalize the millions who have second homes on the fjords. What kind of Britain are these people creating? What kind of knee-jerk hatred of anyone with money are these people preaching? It really might be time to leave if the left gains powered here because the chances are they will never let go again.