Monster Raving Loony Party Gains Credence

Peter Hain warns whoever may be interested that a vote for the Greens is a vote that could facilitate a Tory victory. A somewhat unnecessary intervention from Mr Hain, one might think, in view of Greens leader Natalie Bennett’s appalling “car crash” interview on national radio. This was followed within a couple of days by a further pile-up in Brighton, the only constituency where the Greens have any power. Here they actually managed to vote against their own party on budget issues, thereby scuppering their chances of getting the measures passed. Their extraordinary behavior within the space of a few days makes even the Monster Raving Loony Party appear a safe pair of hands come election time. All the more strange why Hain thought it timely to warn against voting for the Greens, given that anyone contemplating such a step in the immediate aftermath of their recent chaotic performances might be considered somewhat deranged themselves. But then, doubtless, Greens voters and the more extreme Labour supporters may have a lot more in common than might immediately be obvious to outsiders. In view of that link, an intervention by Hain, who’s political career has on occasions been somewhat more shades of grey than whiter than white, may be seen as in keeping with previous examples of questionable judgment on his part.



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