Mr Clean

Within a week he attacks rich party donors for tax avoidance only to discover his own party is as guilty as the Tories of having their fingers in the honey pot. Then he demands MPs give up second jobs in case they conflict with their parliamentary duties, only to discover that not only are his own MPs guilty of such double jobbing, but that he himself had the highest earnings for such activities until recently. What exactly does the leader of the opposition think he is doing, apart from appearing intent in repeatedly shooting himself in both feet – already rendered bloody stumps? The BBC’s Political correspondent Nick Robinson suggests Red Ed is positioning himself alongside fringe parties by pretending he is outside the Westminster establishment which he recognises as flawed and which he intends to reform. Man of the people not of parliament. Way to go ED. A few years back Mr Clean, an advertisement carried by a household brand of surface disinfectant, depicted a ghost-like creature spinning round the kitchen and leaving behind a trail of sparkling stars. Sadly whenever we now hear Millie proselytizing that absurd image springs to mind. He’s likely to be similarly effective – OK for a while, but a fresh clean is required within hours.