News Outlets Look Forward to Labour Government

Fleet street is rubbing its hands in glee. A win-win situation at the election is almost an understatement. Yes, it would be appalling for the country if Labour got in, one of its newspaper editors tells me, “but can you imagine the avalanche of fabulous stories as a result.  We’d be inundated with brilliant copy cataloging the unfolding chaos.”  

 “Pound collapses as stock market crashes following Labour victory.” And that’s just the first 24 hours. “SNP votes with Labour for third time this week to increase taxes to 70% – except in Scotland”.  “London family sell two-bedroom flat in Notting Hill to buy five bedroom house with two acres in Bucks to avoid Mansion Tax”, “Big business flees Britain for France as Hollande ousted in landslide election.” “Miliband says Greece proves you can survive with 25% unemployment and debt at 175% of GDP”.  “Parliament in meltdown as left coalition fails to unite on any policies.” “Miliband forgets himself and notes at question time”. Bring it on, is What the Papers Say – secretly.