An irreverent look at today’s opposition parties by someone who has lived through too many elections and met too many politicians.   Call me mad, but I believe the only form of government that can possibly work in 21 Century Britain is one that tries to run the UK as it would a business, balancing the books with enough surplus to plough money back into its infrastructure and care for society’s weak and helpless.  I am not a member of the Conservative party and never have been but I believe that its financial pragmatism in the capitalist world we live in is the only type of government that makes any sense.  The alternative is Miliband’s “Old-Labour” student union-level politics of envy with its anachronistic, populist ideology through which it hopes to filter every idealistic decision it makes. The inevitable result will be to re-create the discredited political experiments many of us lived through under Harold Wilson and James Callaghan which ended in strikes, national bankruptcy, mass unemployment, government by unelected trade unions and a limit of £50 to take abroad on your summer holiday.  This blog is dedicated to pointing out the inevitable chaos that would result in a Labour-knows-best government based on a political premise that I’d hoped had ended with the Berlin Wall. I am convinced that a Labour-dominated government would plunge Britain overnight into a disaster of limitless proportions as the world enters its most economically and politically volatile period since the war. I intend to rant about those dangers in the few weeks left before those of us who bother to vote decide whether to sink or swim over the next decade and possibly beyond.  Whatever your beliefs, be assured that the result of the next election, the most crucial since Margaret Thatcher wrenched Labour’s hands from the national self-destruct button, is likely to resonate at least as long as her legacy.