The Alzheimer Party

First Miliband forgets to mention the gaping deficit and immigration, created and facilitated by New Labour, at the party conference; then Balls confesses to a senior moment with the name of one of his party’s major donors. Yes, that’s the same Miliband who forgot to register the birth of his eldest son until he was 18 months old and forgot to marry Justine Thornton until reminded by aides following his election as party leader six years after meeting her. If that lot get in, head for hills.  Chaotic doesn’t even do justice as a way of describing the Alzheimer Party. Ed and Dave, Dave and Ed – whatever. That’s how the wrong one got elected.  They probably forgot which was which. Ed clearly forgot who was his brother otherwise he would not have shafted him so appallingly as to cause a permanent family rift.

And as for believing they’ve got the youth vote sewn up – they seem to have forgotten it even exists.  Harping on about the NHS, which has been in periodic crisis for the past 40 years, is clearly a deserving cause but hardly a matter of urgent concern to anyone under 40 and certainly a strange issue to place at the top of your agenda. A group of youngsters in their 20s, overheard in the Frog and Firkin near me, were lamenting the tedium of the NHS mantra last night. Seems the Alzheimer party has become so complacent about the youth vote it has forgotten to court it. Surprising, since your memory of things that happened long ago should be sharper.

And while the BBC is giving us regular updates on waiting times in A&E it might be worth remembering that many people you meet in the emergency area after 11.00 at night are vagrants looking for shelter and injured drunks. Hardly likely to be heading for the polling booths in May.