This Blue and Pleasant Land

What a wonderful day! It’s Cameron what did it. Outstanding performance from a decent, straight-talking, dignified Prime Minister who achieved what only a few truly believed he was capable of. A couple of weeks ago as I sat mourning the latest absurd opinion polls a conservative friend of mine said he believed we would win an outright majority. “It’s a funny thing,” he said “but the British public have pretty much got it right at every election since the war.” They voted Churchill out to create a desperately needed caring society for a broken nation after the war, they replaced the great Thatcher when we needed a gentler John Major and they voted in Tony Blair who, for his first few years in office, really did pull this nation together when the Tories could not find a leader to come anywhere near matching him. Cameron’s greatest problem will be to hold to his middle-ground policies and silence the knee-jerk, arrogant, right-wing of his party who continue to make people ashamed of admitting they will vote Conservative. It is they who caused the pollsters to get it seriously ‘arse about’, completely and utterly wrong, wrong, wrong. People have got to be empowered once again to declare that they are proud to be Conservative supporters. The Tories need to show that they understand the concerns of ordinary, decent, hard working people and reclaim that ground from the sanctimonious, mealy-mouthed Labour luddites.

To do that we rapidly need a serious tax on anyone who is not registered for taxation in Britain who buys homes here. They contribute nothing to our exchequer, are responsible for the ridiculous cost of high-end homes and its trickle-down effect and are hated by all. If necessary raise the tax on home purchases and sales but make this “surtax” reclaimable against income tax – if paid. Job done.

Put a stop to reckless immigration which only adds Labour sympathisers to the electorate and pisses off the vast, vast majority of people in this country.

Put an end to health tourism. We are sick and tired of sitting in hospital queues behind people who have never paid for the free service and cannot even be bothered to learn the language. No taxation without representation? No Bloody Registration Without Taxation, should be the new NHS slogan.

That’s the start. When you’ve done that, David, lad, we will be proud to say I VOTED CONSERVATIVE!